Windy City wins the 3rd Annual SSA Major Championships by winning 2 games over Impact.

Final Score of the “if” game 7-4.
MVP was Mark Holstein.
This tourney goes into the record books as a Classic– Why??
It starting raining in Game 1 of the Championship in the 4th Inning.
The Umpires suspended the game and the Downpour of Rain deluged the McCaslin Complex.
It poured for 2 hours and once it stopped the games resumed and the fields were in very good shape.
This is due to the professional Turf that is installed there and the first rate drainage system.
Trivia for all of you.. This Game started on Field 2 and after the Rain Delay was moved to Field 3!!
And… The game started late on Sept 1 and continued into Sept 2 well past Midnight.
So Not only was the Game played on 2 fields, but on 2 different DATES.
Sit back and enjoy the Post Game Comments from the Windy City Team.
Congrats to Sal Milazzo-Pat Caputo- Red Davis & the Entire Windy City Team.
George Bliss Softball Hotline.
Windy City Ist
Impact         2nd
Jynx            3rd
Miller            4th