Softball History Paper

Thanksgiving Day (November 24) 1887 probably seemed like an ordinary holiday for many Chicagoans. At the time, the city’s population and economy both endured the process of rapid expansion. Railroads and shipping highlighted the significance of the Windy City’s status as the United States’ primary metropolis west of the Appalachians. New technology, such as electrification, …

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46 Days to Go! Nathanial “Sweetwater” Clitfton

The name Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton is not one that is unfamiliar in the world of sports. Not only is the 6’ 8” multi-sport player one of the most famous 16-inch softball players, but Sweetwater also played for the Chicago American Giants, Harlem Globetrotters, and was one of the first African Americans to join the NBA. …

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