Paul Rowan Has Been Elected the 4th President of the  Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame in 25 Years 

Paul Rowan as the 4th president in its 25-year history

(Forest Park, IL.) The board of directors of the Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame have elected Paul Rowan as the 4th president in its 25-year history. He will replace Ron Kubicki who has retired and will be moving to Mesa, Arizona. Ray Topps was also re-elected Vice President. He is the lead designer and builder of the Hall of Fame’s March Manufacturing Inductee Park and adjacent beautiful Museum in Forest Park, Illinois. Also re-elected were five board members, Michael Coleman, Sal Vasta, John Doss, Rowan and Austin Ware.

Dave Ruehl pictured above

A new board member was also elected, Dave Ruehl. Dave is a recently retired Chicago Police Officer and considered one of the best infielders of his era and was inducted in 2013 playing for a variety of excellent teams including Lettuce.


Rowan won over another outstanding softball contributor and board member George Vournazos. Paul will be officially taking the reins after the 25th anniversary inductee dinner at Drury Lane in Oakbrook on November 19th. Kubicki will remain on the executive committee and support the transition.


Paul was elected to the Hall as a player in 2005 and has been a board member since 2010. He is president of Christopher Glass and Aluminum, and has an MBA from National Louis University. He has also earned other honors including being inducted into the Mt. Carmel Hall of Fame. As a South District ASA commissioner, he has led the resurgence of the women’s game.


Paul stated, “I’m honored to have been entrusted with this responsibility and thrilled to work with all our talented and passionate board members who have built this crown in Chicago’s culture. My key objectives are to work with current and new sponsors/partners to make our organization financially stable and have the additional funds to invest in our beautiful museum and sport to increase its participation in our diverse community, kids, and women. Lastly to enhance our Hall of Fame’s outreach and brand not only in Chicagoland but nationally.


Co-founder Al Maag stated, “We are very fortunate to have two stellar people to be considered for this role. Paul is a dynamic executive, community leader and gentleman that has loved 16-inch softball since playing in his neighborhood with his grammar school classmates, then forming the Dukes in 1978 and the Ringers in 1983. Maag continued, “We were also blessed to have Ron lead our organization since 2009. He leaves a legacy in a few key areas; working with Ray Topps and the board building our outstanding museum at Forest Park. He formalized our inductee voting system, including adding inductees from other states. He has led our move to Drury Lane for our annual dinners attended on average by 500 people and started our golf outing fundraiser. We wish Ron and his very supportive wife, Debbie, a wonderful retirement.”


The two people that applied for the role had to have served our softball community and the Hall extremely well as board members. They both supplied a very thorough document on their past efforts and how they would move our organization forward to the 18 board members. They were then vetted in person. A vote was then made.


About Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame 

The Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame was started in 1996. The mission is to recognize the best men and women players, teams, organizers, managers, and supporters of the game that started in Chicago in 1887. In addition, promote the game and create a sustainable museum to tell the stories of the sport. Over 600 have been inducted in their 25 years. The March Inductee Park and Museum are in Forest Park, Il.  More information:

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