Joe Jaffe

Little did Joe know as a young kid growing up in the cradle of softball – Forest Park – that he would grow up to be the youngest member of some of the fabled top powerhouse teams of the late 60s and 70s. A fleet-footed player that used his athletic talent to get on base …

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Calvin Jackson

Calvin Jackson’s 16-inch softball career started at the age of twelve (1961). He was under the tutelage of Mr. Walton in the Madden Park-Darryl Home Park District softball league, located at 3813 South Rhodes. This league had two divisions: the Intermediate (12 to 15 years) and the Senior League (15 to 17 years). Calvin first …

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Bob Glosa and Tom Balek started JYNX softball as a combination of four South Side neighborhood teams. JYNX consisted of some good players and some great players, but they were all great guys. They were a special group with a strong bond of close-knit players. New players were often pals of current players who wanted …

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Danny Jalowiec

  Dan Jalowiec started playing softball in 1985 at Clyde Park in Cicero with some friends from Morton East High School when he was seventeen. After playing in the 18-and-under League at Clyde Park, he joined his father Jim, a member of the legendary Sobies in the early ‘70s, his brother Jeff, and several cousins …

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Drake Jones

  Drake Jones started playing serious softball with the Mau Maus when he was eighteen years old and met Stanley Brown while working at the Post Office. They played in the Post Office League, at Washington Park, and in tournaments throughout the city. During one of those tournaments, they played against the legendary Flamingos. Drake …

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Ray Johnson

  Raymond Johnson began his softball career with the Flamingoes in 1961 when he was fifteen. He played third base with them in the Daddy- O-Daylie League at Meyerling Park, under the tutelage of John Wolf-Wilson. Besides finding great success in this league, the Flamingoes also finished in the top three in the Sixteen-inch World …

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Donald Jens

For millions of Chicagoans, the last weekend of July means one thing – a trip to Chicago’s lakefront to witness the thunder and majesty of the Chicago Air and Water Show. From water-craft demonstrations to precision flying teams to the power and daring of the Blue Angels, Chicaoans owe a debt of gratitude to the …

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Charles Jensen

This marks Charles Jensen’s second Hall of Fame induction. In 1977 Jensen was inducted posthumously into the ASA National Hall of Fame for his long and meritorious service to that organization. The Chicago native’s softball and baseball umpiring career spanned thirty years. He was the ASA national umpire-in-chief from 1940 to ’48, after serving as …

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Clayton Jones

Clayton Jones, one of softball’s premier shortstops, played with the Safari Tigers during the 1980s and with the Be- Athletes into the ‘90s. As a three-time All-American selection in 1985 and 1986 and again in 1995, Clayton’s excellence at shortstop excited fans for over twenty years. Playing with La La Washington (HOF) and Stretch Lee …

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Tom Jurevis

Tom Jurevis grew up near the southwest side of Chicago in Stickney. He won his first league championship at age 16, and by age 25, he had played for such top teams as the Shooting Stars, Magnum, Crush, the Outsiders and Touch. In 1983 he played on eight league champions, including the Kelly “A” and …

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