Hot Shots (Women)

In the spring of 1982, Joe Umana Jr., the son of the late Joseph I. Umana (2004 HOF) organized a 16” softball team consisting of his wife Rose and a group of her Forest View High School and work friends. Being a longtime resident of the Mt. Prospect Park District, they joined the Mt. Prospect …

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Steven Heinol

Steve Heinol has been playing big ball since the 1970’s. He played the game before he could drive and needed a ride from his dad Dennis to get to his games. He was known to play hard and loves the game with all his heart. Even a heart attack on the field never stopped him …

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Timothy Hauser

Like many other great players, Tim’s career started with playing ball in his Northwest side neighborhood with the Owls. During his 12 years in the majors, “House” played on some of the best teams in the 70s, contributing to numerous titles. Tim worked hard to be a team player on teams he represented, including the …

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While the members of the Hangovers didn’t grow-up exclusively playing 16 – inch softball (they played t-ball for two years starting when they were six), they did play it for twenty- six plus years. They started at Lawler Park in the 70’s in the Pigtail, Ponytail and then Junior Miss leagues. From there they went …

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Hodgkins Park District

Sixteen-inch softball has been an institution at the Hodgkins Park District since the 1970s. It started with church leagues playing on an old baseball field and quickly evolved into one of the finest homes for “A”, Major, and Pro League softball teams. With its legendary twenty-foot high and two hundred-fifty foot fence and its perfectly …

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David Hardt

David Hardt started his fifty-year sixteen-inch softball career in the late forties and early fifties in the Father Jerry League. Top players like Eddie Earle (HOF), Orin Matson, Bill Hall, Geno Petramale (HOF), Jack Zeko, and Jack Lewis played in this league. After the Father Jerry League, David started playing with the Wolves at Portage …

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Buddy Haines

Buddy started playing 16” softball in 1966 with Jeno’s Lounge before moving to Andy Ortolano’s Super Stars and then to the Dwarfs. He played second and third base with the Dwarfs and helped them win numerous tournament and league titles, helping them to a second place finish in the ASA Nationals and twice received ASA …

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Tom “Bomber” Horn

  Tom “Bomber” Horn is one of the greatest mound magicians in sixteen- inch softball history, a defensive master who won nearly one hundred championships at every level and was beloved by friends and foes alike. Horn’s dad Bernie pitched for the Lyons 45s (a team honored by the Hall of Fame) and his mother …

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Team Hot City Travelling All-Stars

In 1974 a team known as the South Side Devils began playing sixteen-inch softball. In January of 1980 they officially changed their name to the Hot City Rollers/ Travelling All-Stars (founding members Melvin Robinson, Michael Lamar Jordan, Robert Common, and Curtis Granderson) after meeting with Henry Hoskins, owner of the Hot City Lounge on Chicago’s …

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Bob Hockenbrough

Bob Hockenbrough started playing softball when he was boy growing up in Brookfield. Today, at seventy-four and two knee replacements later, he’s still playing softball in Berwyn. He played baseball at Lyons Township and played softball for the Bruins. He then joined the Army where he played baseball and basketball. After his discharge, he played …

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