About the Hall of Fame:

16-inch softball has been played by tens of thousands of players in the parks and schoolyards of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for the past century. To recognize this great sport and acknowledge its important history, the Chicago 16″ Softball Hall of Fame was founded in 1996 by Al Maag and Tony Reibel. It is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving and honoring the history of 16-inch softball, and to fostering the growth of the game. Our nonprofit FEIN # 36-4188157

The location of the Hall of Fame is in Forest Park, IL. Inductee Park was unveiled in 2009, and the museum opened in July 2014. Thanks to the park trustees, Mayor Calderone, and the community of Forest Park. Since its inception, the HOF has inducted over 600 former and current softball players, umpires, managers, organizers, and teams at annual dinners averaging 500 attendees.

Currently, the organization’s management team consists of a president and Board of Directors, and committed, non-paid volunteers, do all work.

Hall of Fame Hours: Saturdays: 12 PM-4 PM

7501 W. Harrison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130
Phone: (708)366-7500

Corner of DesPlaines and Harrison 

Our Mission

The Chicago 16″ Softball Hall of Fame has been formed to promote the great game that started in Chicago by honoring and recognizing the game’s best players, teams, and supporters.

Board of Directors

Paul Rowan – President

Ray Topps – Vice President

Mark Frighetto – Secretary

Bill Cavanaugh – Treasurer

Ronald Kubicki – Current President

Rachel Entler– HOF Contact

Fritz Zimmermann 

Al Maag – Co-Founder

Tony Reibel – Co-Founder *

Dave Ruehl

Tom Lentine


Frank Lentine

Sherman Martin, Jr.

Paul Rowan

Art Lurie *

Floyd Glover*

Mike Coleman

Sherman Martin, Jr.

Kendall “P-Funk” Greene

 Jeremy Lofrano

Curtis Granderson, Sr.*

Tony Ward

Dean Pritt

Austin Ware

Tim Walker

Kim Mioni

Chris Downes *

Mary Pat McGuire*

* Emeritus