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Wildbunch! Wildbunch! Wildbunch! was the chant started by a group of young men who spent their youth playing basketball and 16-inch softball, on the courts and diamonds at the neighborhood playgrounds, practicing good sportsmanship, and cultivating friendships that have lasted a lifetime. They lived on the 2600, 2700, and 2800 blocks of West Jackson, Adams, …

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The Turtles were predominantly made up of players from Maine West HS and the Des Plaines Rand Park AA League. The Des Plaines Rand Park AA League of the late 70’s and 80’s featured many good teams like the Youngsters, Badgers, Bushmen, Kitty’s and Custom Tape. Many of the original Turtles players played on the …

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The Ducks were created in the early 70’s by teacher and varsity baseball coach Skip Borkowski as a local Oak Lawn area team. Many of the original players were either Oak Lawn Community HS graduates or teachers. The Ducks won over 75% of their games over the years, but win or lose, could always be …

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Originally named Cutty when they formed in 1982, the team name was changed to Babes after Babes Tavern in Niles, Illinois. The tavern was owned by Gary Pearson, a Chicago police officer who sponsored, managed and played for the 24 years the team played together. In 1984, Mike Caliendo joined the team as a starting …

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The CTA Softball league was established in 1969, providing entertainment and fellowship for CTA employees, friends and family for generations, and 3rd Rail is an extension of that family. After winning the CTA championship in 2002 with the West Side ‘L’, Drake Jones and Tony Ward decided to form their own softball team, naming it …

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51 YEARS AND COUNTING! In 1969, students at St. Benedict High School officially formed the “ACES” to join the newly created 16-inch softball league at Paul Revere Park. It was fitting because many of the original ACES started playing at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club (NBGC) at Revere. In 1971, the Aces added friends …


Steel Gold

Andrew (Bay Bay) Patterson was looking for a deterrent for the young men living in the Rockwell Gardens Housing community. In 1984, he decided to build a 16inch softball team. In collaboration with existing teams, 340 Invaders and Altgeld Invaders, created a team called California Gold. California Gold played competitively throughout the local park district …

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The Bandits were formed in 1976 in Washington Park with players from the Citywide Post Office League. They played in the More Softball League, sponsored by Budweiser Beer, which had 26 teams participating. In their first year they played for the championship, and the following season were undefeated in 22 games to win the championship. …

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In 1972, a group of guys that played sports in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood decided to form a softball team they called The Band. They proceeded to win the Normandy Park League that year against some American Legion teams & other local teams. The team name changed to Mercury and over the next few years …

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Hot Shots (Women)

In the spring of 1982, Joe Umana Jr., the son of the late Joseph I. Umana (2004 HOF) organized a 16” softball team consisting of his wife Rose and a group of her Forest View High School and work friends. Being a longtime resident of the Mt. Prospect Park District, they joined the Mt. Prospect …

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