Wall of Fame

Ronald Muller

Ron “Joker” Muller’s 45 years playing 16” softball sum up his passion for the game. He played Short Center, Third Base, Second Base, Short, and First Base and was an adept #2 Hitter. Relying on keen sit-uational skills to make plays, he had exceptional hands with a quick re-lease and soft throws. His career included …

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Phil Tondelli

One of eleven children growing up in Oak Park, IL, Phil played all sports. As quarterback and halfback at North Austin Boys Club football at Amundsen Park, he led each team to a Pop Warner championship. Phil started high school at Oak Park & River Forest where he quarterbacked an undefeated freshman team. After his …

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Jim “Steiner” Stein

Jim grew up in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago. In grammar school, Jim, along with a number of his friends from St. Peter Canisius, began playing 16” softball at La Follette Park. During his high school years, Jim’s team finished second or third each year. The Sunday afternoons of Jim’s youth …

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Tom Duff

Tom Duff started playing 16-inch softball in 1975 in the Oak Park leagues with Clockwork, a team he formed. Duff also coached and/or organized most of the teams he played on, including his Leo Burnett and Optimus teams that won many Ad League Championships at Grant Park. These teams included longtime Clockwork teammate and HOF …

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Danny Brichetto

Danny Brichetto started playing softball in the late 70’s on the North Side of Chicago at Kelvyn, Kosciuszko, Indian Rd., and Portage Parks. He was a center fielder who could hit to the gaps with power. Playing in a Sunday league at Kelvyn Park, the umpire, Al Hensel, asked him to play on his team …

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Ron Amazzalorso

Ron Amazzalorso grew up at 96th and Avenue N, a street referred to as “Goat Street” because goats were once raised there. Avenue M was referred to as “Cow Street” for the same reason. Many discussions at local bars debated which of these nicknamed streets produced the better athletes. Ron and his friends were gym …

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Mike “Kam” Kamenjarin

Mike Kamenjarin started playing sixteen-inch softball when he was fifteen with the Tonti Playground CYO team. They won the city championship that year in their age bracket. Mike and his neighborhood friends formed the Group to play at Archer Park and at Wentworth Park. They won the Wentworth championship and won the Archer Park title …

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Joe “Moms” Firneno

Joe Firneno has been playing sixteen-inch softball for more than fifty-five years (and he just recently turned sixty-five). Some players say he still plays with the enthusiasm and passion of a twenty-five year old. Joe began playing softball in the alleys and streets around 80th and Peoria on the South Side of Chicago. In 1964, …

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Gary S. Goldberg

Gary Goldberg grew up on the North Side of Chicago. He has played sixteen-inch softball since he was six years old. He attended Sullivan High School where he lettered in baseball, basketball, and bowling. After high school and college, he started a softball career that continues to this day. He combined his softball skills with …

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Ernest “Ernie” Millsap

Ernest Millsap began playing sixteen-inch softball when he was just sixteen. He played with his older brothers R.V. and Vern, and friends Rob Kubicki (HOF) and Tim Kovel at Hodgkins Park District. He was hooked after his first season of play. As a younger kid, he had dreamed of playing in the major leagues, so …

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