Mike Brady

Mike played for the Elites, Knights, and Aces during the 1980s in the Kelly Park, Donovan Park, Pasteur Park and Curie Park leagues. He consistently hit over .600. to help win two ASA A titles, along with numerous titles in those parks. Mike played for the Knights, Frogs and Byrds in the 1990s. The Knights and Frogs won multiple league titles at Wentworth Park, Strohacker Park and West Lawn Park. In 2000 he continued to bat leadoff along with transitioning to the extra hitter for the Byrds and Menace throughout this decade winning titles at Clyde Park.Mike started and still plays in the senior softball leagues during the 2010 decade at Berwyn and Elk Grove Village leagues with Crush and Code Blue winning a dozen championships, including the 50 and over SSA National Title. He also played with the Chasers in Glenview winning a handful of championships. Mike was a player-coach with Smackout winning an ASA A title in 2012. In 2016, Mike was the catcher for Monster when they finished second in the ASA Major tourney. The pitcher was Mike’s son Matt one of his biggest thrills of his softball career.