Ken played with and against many members
of the Hall. He started playing with the Chiefs
in 1971. We played in Bensenville and Franklin
Park, winning these leagues numerous times. We
won the Forest Park no glove tournament in 1971
and later won a trip to Nationals after winning
the Metro. We also played at Kelly and Blue
Island Parks. From 1976 until 1985, I played with
the Impalas at Clarendon, Norridge, Portage,
Broadview and James Park. We won many of
these leagues against good teams. In 1985 with
the Stompers, we won the USSSA Nationals
beating the Whips for the championship. Later
in the 1980s, I played with the Lyons 45s and
the Levee at Mount Prospect, Portage and Sayre
parks. With the Chicago Police Department, we
won the league championship and the Miller
Classic tournament at Grant Park. Through the
1990s, I played with the Second City at Hiawatha
and Oriole parks, winning more league titles.