16" Softball Hall of Fame News:

41 Days To Go! Glove or No Glove?

There has always been an ongoing debate amongst 16-inch softball players as to whether or not gloves should be used in the game. Gloves were …

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42 Days to Go! What is the Richard J. Daley Award?

Richard J. Daley on the cover of TIME magazine in 1963. Richard J. Daley served as mayor of the City of Chicago for over 25 …

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43 Days to Go! Who Invented Softball?

Softball is a game that has a vast background, but the sport that has gained such popularity in the Chicago area actually was derived from …

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45 Days To Go! About Last Night…

Danny Playing 16 Inch Softball / Field 13 At Grant Park; Between Lake Shore Drive And S. Columbus Drive And The Southern Most Field From …

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44 Days to Go! Speech Relief!

Did you miss your friends speech at your last Hall of Fame dinner? No need to worry, all of the Hall of Fame dinners since …

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46 Days to Go! Nathanial “Sweetwater” Clitfton

The name Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton is not one that is unfamiliar in the world of sports. Not only is the 6’ 8” multi-sport player one …

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