Steve Kirby

Born in 1951 in Chicago, IL, Steven Jerome Kirby began playing organized 16-inch softball for Medill School Park in the Monroe and Racine Police District league when he was twelve years old. He played second base for Medill School and W.S.O.Express from1963 to 1979 at Garfield Park. He joined the Koreans in 1980, playing in leagues on the South side at Rosenbloom Park and at Lou Boudereau Stadium. He was invited to play with The Flamingos in the ASA 1982 Nationals in Marshall Town, Iowa. The Flamingos finished third and Kirby established himself as a solid player by being selected as a 1st Team All-American and was runner up in the homerun competition with four. One of Steve’s homeruns drove in two runs to tie the score in the last inning followed by another by Sweet Willie Johnson to win the game. In the mid 80s and 90s Steve played for The Safari Tigers in leagues at Blue Island and Mount Prospect. He returned to the West side, playing for California Gold in the Pro League in Forest Park. Because of his efforts, he was selected to play in the North- South All Star Game. During a televised game George Bliss said that Kirby had the quickest bat he had ever seen in 16-inch softball. He was named a 1st Team All American eight times over his career. His trademark was a black bandana on his head. His bat carried the saying, “Hold me level and I will hit the Devil.” Steve and his wife, Dorothy, have three children – Tyree, Kyle, and Diamond. They live in Chicago.