Frank Mioni

Frank Mioni began playing 16-inch softball in the 1970s when he and some friends got a team together for something to do during the summer. Little did he know then how softball would allow him to make friends, establish connections, and open important doors in his life. In fact, he met his wife, Kim, while playing in a co-ed tournament at Grant Park. Frank played with Pegasus in the Chicago Ridge Men’s League and with Pogos at Mann Park on Chicago’s East side. After a brief stint with the Bobcats in 1982, he joined the Budweiser Whips. He then played with Jynx, Lettuce, Sports Channel (Bucks), Licorice/Flash, Puglise, and other teams. As one of the top outfielders of his time, he helped lead Whips and Lettuce to several Forest Park and ASA National titles. He was a versatile hitter who could line a ball through the right center gap, or he could hit a long ball to drive in runners. For his efforts, he was selected the tournament MVP of the 1993 ASA Nationals and tournament MVP at Forest Park while playing for Lettuce. In 1994 he was selected tournament MVP of the USSSA Nationals with Lettuce. But he most remembers when the players of Puglise selected him as their team MVP in 1998. In 1999 he helped lead the Local 281 Sprinkler Fitters to a tournament victory in Cincinnati. The problem? He wasn’t a sprinkler fitter at the time, but that was soon rectified after he completed the apprenticeship and became a full-fledged member of Local 281. Despite his many accomplishments on the field, Frank most remembers the great times with his five sisters and two brothers. Five of his nephews are currently playing softball (one with Jynx). While playing at a tournament in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, a man told Frank’s father that it was always easy to find Frank. Just look for a lot of guys laughing and Frank will be in the middle of them. It’s this camaraderie that has helped him play for as long as he has. Frank and Kim have two children – Nick and Francesca. They live in Chicago Ridge, IL. He is a loyal member of Local 281 Sprinkler Fitters.