Tim McManigal

Tim McManigal started playing softball in 1977 in the Worth Park District with the Players when he was fifteen years old. He then moved to the Hot Shots in the Worth Men’s League. In 1984 and ‘85 he played for Barrel of Fun. They took fifth place in the ASA National tournament both years. He played for Bud Chicago / Sports Station in 1986, 1987, and 1988. They won many tournaments, including the 1987 ASA Nationals. In1991 he played for Jynx softball and helped them to a third place finish at the ASA nationals that year. From 1992 to 1999 he played for Lettuce softball and helped establish them as one of softball’s legendary teams by winning ASA national titles in 1992, ‘93, ‘96, and ‘98. They won the USSSA title in 1994 and Forest Park championships in 1991, ‘93, ‘94, and ‘97. Tim had excellent speed that allowed him to chase down long fly balls. This skill made him one of the top center fielders of his time. He could hit to all fields and was known as a consistent singles / double hitter. He was selected to two 2nd Team All – American teams at the nationals. Tim and his wife, Karen, have four children – Tim, III, Tom, Theo, and T.J. They live in Chicago Ridge, IL.