Nick was one of the most outstanding
outfielders of his era with speed and had a
cannon arm. He played every outfield position
for some the top teams in his career including
the Laborers 714, Blues, Lettuce, Hollywood
Casino, Dollhouse, Red Dog, Licorice, Flash,
Miller 45s, Woodpeckers, Hangers, Helots,
Gamblers, Ice, Maxime and Paragons. He
played at every major park including Mt
Prospect, Clarendon, Kelly, Blue Island, Mt
Greenwood and many others. He played in
ASA, SSA, USSSA and NSA Major National
Tournaments, winning 2 USSSA titles, 7 ASA
Major National titles and 7 Forest Park No-
Glove titles. He was a champion on and off
the field.
Editor’s note: Last year’s dinner book page for Nick
was created in error. We apologize to a great
player and person