What started as a neighborhood group of friends
playing ball together in Bridgeport, back in 1987, slowly
evolved into something way bigger than any of us could
have ever imagined. On the field, these friends quickly
and easily formed a sisterhood and family known as, The
Brat Pack. Through a lot of ups and downs, The Brat Pack
grew stronger and stronger. The pieces of the puzzle
started falling into place. In 1999 those pieces came
together as we won the Grant Park tournament, beating
the powerhouse Bidayos 1-0. That moment catapulted The
Brat Pack into the start of a winning dynasty.
Over our 25 year span, we played in several leagues
starting at McKinley Park in 1987. Over the course of the
next few years we moved on to play at Armour Park, Kelly
Park, and Hoyne Park. Our skills improved along the way
and we started playing four days a week and tournaments
on the weekends. We then started playing at Lawlor Park,
Bridgeview Park District, Oak Lawn Park District, Normandy
Park, and Rainey Park, winning many championships. The
last 5 years the team played in Burbank and Oak Lawn.
Tournaments we entered consistently included Armour
Park, Country Club Hills, Best of Western, Bucks for Burn,
NSA state tournament, Y-Me, and Grant Park. Some of
the tournament highlights of these years: 1999 Grant
Park Champs, 2000 State Tournament Country Club Hills
Champs, and 2000, 2001, and 2005 Best of Western
Champs. Many players on The Brat Pack received MVP
awards and all-tournament honors.
We would like to acknowledge our coaches over the
years, Maria Show, Donald Keller (Psych), John Leone,
Tom Seidel, and Jack Martin. Thank you for all your time,
dedication, and expertise. Thank you to our family, friends,
and awesome “super fans” who followed and supported
us over all these years. Mostly, we have to thank the over
50 women who at one time contributed to the one and
only, Brat Pack. You will forever be a part of this family.
We may have dominated on the field and we may
have won countless tournaments and leagues, but the true
success of this team is the unbreakable bonds that were
created over this 25 year period. The Brat Pack sisterhood
continues this day through love and loss and life and a
team tattoo and will live on forever.
At one time or another the Brat Pack included these
amazing women: Maria Show, Laura Corr, Doreen
Heeter, Kimmy Guttillo, Becky Koenig, Liz Trench, Amy
Trench, Julie Tognoni, Allison Bernier, Christine “Smitty”
Smith, Chris Sarnowski, Lupe Buttliere, Elvira “Babe”
Sanfillipo, Paula Perns, Jill Coffel, Laura Scafidi, Mary
“Mac” Gibbons, Karen Toth, Melissa Martin, Heather
Tang, Natalie Graczyk, Colette Meadow, Cheryl Robish,
Linda Robish-Friedel, Jen Tuider, Jean Tripam, Becky
Kaszubski, Rhona Callahan, Carmen Sandoval, Lisa Corr,
Tammy Pytel, Tracey Bornheim, Tammy Bornheim, Lisa
Neri, Katie McAlinden, Nora Feely, Jen McElligott, Gina
Anderson-Naujokas, Shannon Stapleton, Linda Annolino,
Dawn Koenig, Ericka Berger, Nikki Pietras, Angie Bybee,
Melissa McCreery, Christine Miernicki, Maureen McDevitt,
Laura Wilson, and Rosie Geraci. We would also like to
remember two former teammates that are now our sisters
in heaven, Kerri Corcoran and Carla DeSoto.
We are all so honored to be a part of the 16 inch hall of
fame and thank the board for recognizing us. Reconnecting
with teammates and reminiscing about our years together
on and off the field has been a wonderful experience.