Ladislaus “Bingy” Boblak

With an amazing lifetime record of 193 wins and 6 losses, Ladislaus “Bingy” Boblak forged a reputation as one of the top pitchers of his era while throwing against some of the finest teams in the Pioneer Era of 16″ softball. Pitching for J.J. Zientek Post, Boblak once defeated the legendary Brown Bombers by a score of 4-3. Boblak and the Zientek team also experienced the other side of baseball, back in the “good old days”, when they played Donkey baseball at B.Y.N.C. Field. With the Wildcats, Boblak was called upon to stop a rally by the 12th Ward Democrats, who had already scored six runs and had the bases loaded. Boblak came into the game and shut the door on the Democrats by pitching hitless ball for the rest of the game. He then let his bat do the talking, driving in two runs and scoring two more, resulting in the Wildcats beating the Democrats 8-6. Later, pitching for the BYN All Stars, Boblak helped his team defeat a team that included Jack Brickhouse and Bob Elston, two of Chicagoland’s legends of radio. The following year, Boblak pitched the BYNC All Stars to victory of the Chicago Aldermen and their aides.