Peter Bondi

Born in 1917, Peter Bondi is one of the players who form the backbone and history of 16″ softball in the Pioneer Division. Bondi played with some of the top teams from the early 30s until his retirement in 1953. Along with his five brothers, Peter Bondi played with Nielson Steel, Lombardi Kids, and Mel Turner in the Windy City Leagues. He also played with and was elected captain of such legendary teams as Nudos, Browns, Gold Star Pots, and Bondi’s. Bondi’s Tap helped keep softball alive during the Depression by sponsoring teams through the 50s. Peter Bondi is remembered as one of the top money and tournament players of his era. He hit bullet line drives and played excellent defense; Bondi was a pitbull on the field and a gentleman off the field. Besides playing, Bondi also managed many of his teams and served as league secretary for more than one league. Peter Bondi and his wife, Elaine, have three children.