Sol “Muzzi” Mosillami

A graduate of McKinley High School in 1944, Sol Mosillami played with some of the great pioneers of 16″ softball. He began his career in 1942 with the Witt Hanley Yankees. A shortstop and occasional second baseman who batted leadoff most of his career, Mosillami was known for being a clutch single hitter who was hard to keep off the basepaths. In 1944 Mosillami’s fielding and hitting skills helped the Witt Hanley Yankees win the Windy City League in a tough match against Eggs Bromley and the Angels of Broadway. 1944 was also an important year for Sol Mosillami because he entered the army. Fortunately, he was sent not far away to Navy Pier, so he didn’t lose much playing time. The late 40s found Mosillami playing with different ball clubs, including Midland Motors in ’46, Canadian Ace Brewers in ’47, Fewer Boilers in ’48, and Kool Vent Awnings in ’49. Mosillami’s tenure with Kool Vent proved fruitful in 1950 when they won the Windy City title at Lane Tech, the last year for the Windy City League when Harry Hannin joined forces with the Harlem Globetrotters. Mosillami’s career continued into the 60s and 70s when he played for the Kool Vent Yanks, Cherry Lounge, Knights of Columbus, and in C.Y.O. competition. A true pioneer of the game who played with and against such legendary figures and Softball Hall of Famers as Whitey Maytag, Jimmi DiVito, Lewa Yacillo, Verne Parry, and Steve Donchez, Mosillami retired from softball in 1983 after 41 years. Sol currently lives in Chicago. He has a son and two grandchildren.