Joseph “Jake” Jakobi

Jake is considered by many experts as the greatest hitter in modern times… and he worked at it. He was picked up as a swift defensive centerfielder by Ed Zolna and he batted the hard hitter 9th in the lineup. In the ‘64 Nationals he switched outfield positions at times with Willie Simpson to take advantage of his defensive skills. He then worked on getting hits between third and short and eventually perfected the art of “dump hitting” created by Bobbie Lamont. He won the batting in the 1976 Windy City League with an unbelievable .714 ba. This was no fluke, the right hander had a similar average in the Daddie O’Daylie League in the early 60’s. Jake played with the Bobcats, Dwarfs, Monsters, Whips, and others. Played in seven ASA National Finals and won six. He was MYP and batting champion of the 1970 ASA National Tournament. He is best remembered as a stoic short-center for Bobcat and Monster teams, leading off and setting the table for the big hitters. Has been a hitting coach on the 3 ASA National Champion Lettuce teams over the past few years. Also played 12” ball professionally and lead the league for most of the season with his funny looking swing to non-Chicagoans. Jake has 2 daughters. Born in 1943.