Willie “Steamer” Simpson

Considered by many softball authorities as the greatest “clutch” hitter and toughest competitors in Chicago softball, he could go long or dump. He batted and threw right handed and played basically outfield or catcher. He spent most of his career with the Bobcats and whenever Eddie Zolna showed up at a money game it was sure that Willie wasn’t too far away. Six times he was the All-American catcher and twice the MYP of the ASA National Tournament. Played on every tournament championship you can imagine including St. Albert the Greats CYO teams and especially eleven ASA National Championships with the Bobcats and Whips. He even played with the professional 12” softball team in Chicago in the late 70’s and was one of the league’s top hitters. His enthusiastic whistling and cheerleading while playing in all the top leagues in Chicago for the 60-70s made him a crowd favorite. The Oak Lawn resident is still active as a very effective pinch hitter and coach for the North Stars. Once showed up in tuxedo from a wedding to get the winning hit. He and Laura have 3 children. Born 1946.