Bill Bereckis

Longtime Berwyn resident Bill Bereckis was the “Charlie Hustle”of 16”softball, The toughest out in the game according to all who played with or against since he started playing for Triner’s Hall Rocky Stars in 1960 and eventually evolved into the Sobies, who won every major title in the game. They won 3 ASA National Titles from ‘66 to ‘68. Bill earned All American honors on four occasions and his .775 average in ‘71 lead all players in the nationals. Had power and could hit any line, especially dangerous in the clutch. The superb defensive shortstop was always the catalyst of the Sobies/American Rivet squads from ‘66 to ‘76. Bill, his brother and pitcher John were part of the greatest rivalry in the game against their arch rival Bobcats. Thousands of people would watch every encounter of these two powerhouses. Their ‘74 World Series, ‘75, ‘77, and ‘80. Forest Park wins were the last of the big ones in a stellar team career. Also played with Amphenol, Sportsman’s Lounge, the Cabin, Quan’s Oasis, and Al’s Pals. Bill was also a star at basketball. Played for Utah State, Lewis College, and Triner’s Hall Rocky Stars. They won 5 Chicago Metro Union League B-Ball titles and was the leading scorer three seasons. “Mr. Competitor” died in 1985 at the young age of 44. Survived by his wife and 2 daughters and 2 sons.