Alpha Giants

The Alpha Giants have been in existence since 1979 and during that time we have participated in the Sunday’s Best Softball League at Washington Park, and won 60 percent of their 800 games The team comradery and the sportsmanship that has, been exhibited during this time has been a credit to the league and to the community proving worthy of Chicago 16” Softball Hall of Fame consideration. The Black Pages of Chicago became our sponsor for many years. In 2005 the Alpha Giants were honored by the league for 25 Years of continuous participation. In 2020 and 2021, we finally broke a 40- year championship drought with tough championship wins in the Washington Park Sunday’s Best and in the Wednesday Night Blue Island Sierra Classic. Almost all of the successes on the field can be attributed to the late, left-handed pitching sensation Earnest “Hutch” Hutchinson (RIP) and the mound savvy Seronsa “Chuck” Charles. With over 30 years of play, Charles still ranks, as one of the Washington Park’s all-time leaders in games played and victories including numerous shutouts and even a No-Hit Game.