Cecilia Redditt Washington

Cecilia was born on the west side of Chicago, IL in 1965. Her parents were Robert and Mattie Redditt. Cecilia started her 40- year career in 1979 at Franklin Park with a team called The Lady Strokes whose coach was Mattie Smith. She played with Lady Strokes from the years 1979-1984. She later played with Lady Choice whose coach was Randy Webb. She played with Lady Choice from 1985-2010. After that, she played with numerous teams around the Chicago area. She was talented enough to play all positions, but her favorite positions were 1st and 3rd base. She also pitched in some games when she was needed. She won various MVP awards and other championship trophies. Cecilia was well known at Franklin Park, Garfield Park, and Columbus Park for her athletic ability. The last team she played with was Over and Under and the coach was her husband Hall of Famer Larry “LaLa” Washington from 2006- 2009. She now lives in Atlanta, Ga. retired and just enjoying life with her grandchildren.