Best team in Phoenix – Rising from the Ashes

The best team in is Phoenix Dirks Moving and Storage, a terrific young group of players who are beginning to love 16″ softball. Like the Phoenix they rose from the ashes after a 1st round 8-6 loss to Crush…then won 6 straight in the loser’s bracket winning the 2nd annual Maag Toy Foundation 10 team softball tourney in Tempe today. They won two championship games vs Yuma’s 4th Ave Gym…the won the first game in 11 innings and then 8-4 in the if needed game.

The 4th Ave Gym won the winners bracket over Torrance California’s Tappa Keggas who came in 3rd.

The 1st big team to exit and stun the attendees was Chicago’s Warhawks (1-2)…losing to Yuma’s Extinct and Dirks. Mickey’s Balestri’s Crush (2-2) lost to 4th Ave Gym in extra innings and then played 10 innings with Avnet’s Dry Heat..avenging a loss in the nationals…Al Maag and Pete Graf’s entry upset the Chicagoans who were wearing down.

It was a breakthrough day for Arizona 16″ softball with so many close games, great defensive plays and stellar hitting….with the normal Beautiful weather. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm of the attendees to return with more teams from Yuma and California. In PHX there is talk about a league…we raised $500 for charity, all the teams bought toys, and everyone had a great time. FYI every win teams won money…an idea hatched by Frank Holan years ago.It is a safe bet 16″ will be growing in AZ.

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