Wally Mader

Wally Mader is considered to be one the top pitchers in the game during the 1950s and early 60s. To bolster this claim, Mader’s statistics show that he had more wins at Clarendon Park than any other pitcher during the 60s and early 70s. In 1956 he played with the championship Alderman Laskoski’s 36th ward team, Mozart’s. A few years later in the 1960s, Mader played in the 1st Annual ASA Championship at Clarendon Park while a member of Kenneth Allen, taking second to Eddie Zolna and the Bobcats. While playing with Kenneth Allen, Mader was also a key member of the team that won the Meyerling Park Championship in the Daddy O’ Daily League three years in a row. Besides league play, Wally Mader was the winning pitcher in the only Clarendon Park vs. Chicago – Kedzie All – Star game. In addition to his championship pitching, Wally Mader also contributed with his bat. He usually led the team in batting average and often hit the long ball. He once had a hitting streak of 28 hits in league play at Clarendon Park. A graduate of Holy Trinity High School in 1951, Wally Mader is married to his wife of 26 years, Nancy. He has two stepchildren and four grandchildren. He is retired after a long career in the horse racing industry.