Joe Hutmacher

Educated at De Paul Academy and Loyola University, Joe Hutmacher’s athletic career started as a basketball player at DePaul Academy where his team took second to Marshall High School in the 1948 City Championship game. He then went on to player for three seasons at Loyola University. His 16″ softball career took him to Thillens Stadium from 1949 – ’51 where he played with Martin Jewelers and Hall of Fame inductee Ed Kelly. In 1955 Hutmacher switched to the Alderman Freeman’s and O’Boyle Transfer. He hooked up with Hall of Famer Tony Reibel and inductee Ken Speirs to win the title at Clarendon Park twice. Hutmacher also played with Kool Vent Awnings at Chicago-Kedzie. He remembers coming in second frequently to Eddie Zolna for the championship. From 1957 to ’62 he joined North Center Athletic Club with Tony Reibel at Welles, Hamlin, Portage, and Linden Parks until his retirement from the game in 1970. Hutmacher then switched to the other side of the plate for 23 years when he began his umpiring career. He umpired at Clarendon, Hamlin, and Grant Park every night with two games on Sunday. He retired from umpiring in 1994. Unlike many athletes who played different positions, Hutmacher played first base for most of his career. Batting third or fourth, he was known as a long ball hitter who hit tape measure home runs. His production totals dropped, however, when the legendary “water” ball was introduced at Clarendon. Of all the players he encountered during his 31 years playing career, Joe Hutmacher especially remembers the hitting of Ed Earle and Moose Skowron before he turned to pro baseball.