Vic Kariolich

Vic Kariolich began his softball career with Jimmie Rose’s Loafers at Roby Field at 59th and Damen. In 1947 he played with Joker’s from Harper High School. They competed against such Southside teams as Bonetti’s Liquors, Chesty’s Spartans and Valerie Florist. His softball career was interrupted, like so many others, between 1951 and 1953 when he served his country in the Korean War. Stan fought in the 2nd Division, 38th Infantry. When he returned home, Stan played with the Jimmie Rose Shamrocks, winning the Chicago-Kedzie League in 1955 with teammates Lefty Hunt, Ray Topolski, Cy Abata and Bill “Willie” Pierucci. In the early 60s, he joined the Whips and played with Butch Gordon and Jake and Willy Schmitz. They played at Clarendon Park, Kelly Park and in the Labor Day Tournament at 103rd and Bensley, where they defeated the Sobies in the final game. In 1968, Vic helped the Madonna Knights of Columbus win the KOC Championship at Kelly Park. Failing eyesight ended Vic’s softball career in 1972, after a three month stint with the Bobcats. Vic is the proud father of three daughters, and grandfather of four.