Veto “Vic” Jasaitis

Born in 1929, Veto “Vic” Jasaitis has played with some landmark teams during his sixteen year softball career. As a left fielder, shortstop, and a pitcher, he has helped his teams capture twelve championships including; Fewer Boilers and Midland Motors (two chapionships), Bill Bonnetts (six championships), Diaper Gange (one championship), Bill Rose’s (one championship), and a team at Chicago and Kedzie that took two championships. With a lifetime batting average of 650, Jasaitis was the homerun leader at the Northtown League for two years, and ended his career with over 1,000 homeruns. He also received league MVP honors when he was playing with Midland Motors in the Windy City League. As a pitcher, he accumulated a 30 and 2 record. Softball historians remember three “tape measure homeruns” hit by Jasaitis; one onto the tennis court 375 feet away at Davis Square Park, another shot that cleared the tree and landed in a children’s swimming pool at Cornell Park, and one that hit the center field scoreboard, 365 feet away at Northtown while playing with Midland Motors. In 2000, “Vic” had two daughters and lived in Worth, Illinois. Passed away in 2005.