Tom Jurevis

Tom Jurevis grew up near the southwest side of Chicago in Stickney. He won his first league championship at age 16, and by age 25, he had played for such top teams as the Shooting Stars, Magnum, Crush, the Outsiders and Touch. In 1983 he played on eight league champions, including the Kelly “A” and Normandy Park leagues with Touch. In 1984, Touch combined with the Bobcats. While playing with the “Touch Cats”, Jurevis won the MVP award of the Cicero tournament, despite his team not winning the title. Tom made just one out in six games. They went on to win the 1984 and ’85 Chicago City Championships, as well as two Grant Park Open titles. In 1985 Jurevis was named starting short center on a dream team roster in their “Kings of 16″ Softball” article. That same year Touch won the ASA Major 16″ Nationals, and Jurevis was a first team All American. Touch finished in the top four twice more, and Tom was first team All American again in 1988. He also earned All American honors with the National runner-up, Crush team at the USSSA World. A student of the game, Jurevis carefully observed other teams when not playing, noting their strengths and tendencies. He was also a true team player who believed you got recognition as an individual because of what your team did. True to that philosophy, he believes that his induction into the Hall of Fame is a tribute to the excellent players on all his old teams. Jurevis is grateful to Bill Frencl for showing him how the game is played, to Tom and Ed Gregoire for moving him to short center, and to Dave Neligan for making the Touch team what it was and giving him a chance to play “with and against the best.” Tom currently plays with the Out of Touch Over 40 team in LaGrange. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Sue, and two daughters, Jessica and Rebecca who he encourages in all sports, coaching them whenever he can.