Odell Humphrey

Odell Humphrey was an exceptional athlete who was also blessed with a gift that made him one of 16″ softball’s great first baseman; big soft hands. Odell started playing basketball in his native South with Dallas Cowboy great Ed “Too Tall” Jones. After high school, Odell moved to Chicago and started playing 16″ softball in the Industrial League at Marquette Park in 1970. Humphrey’s skills were immediately noticed and he then went on to play with Ten Most Wanted and later with Toro’s. People’s Choice and Hall of Famer Rick Monday at Kely Park. Humphrey moved to the suburbs in the early ’80’s to play with the Connectors, who later became Irving’s Red Hots. While with the Red Hots, Humphrey hit some tape measure home runs and made stellar plays at first base to help the Red Hots capture championships at Broadview and LaGrange. That year they also finished second Crush at Kelly Park. In 1989, Odell and the Red Hots again finished second to Crush, but this time it was at the USSSA World Tournament where Humphrey and four other teammates earner first team All Tournament honors. Besides the second place finish to Crush, Humphrey and the Red Hots took fourth in 1989 and second place in 1988 at the Lite Classic Tournament. In 1990 the Red Hots and Humphrey won it all when they captured the USSSA World Tournament in Merrillville, as Humphrey was named both Offensive Player and MVP of the tournament.  In the ’90’s Odell hooked up with Stooges and helped them take first place at the Clyde Park League in Cicero. He also played with the Rockers in the Pro League and with the Knockouts for over 20 years at Forest Park, winning that league and numerous play-offs. Humphrey’s quote about softball sums up what many great players feel about the game. “Friendships made that last a lifetime.” Odell Humphrey works for Kraft Foods in Chicago, where he live with his wife, Thelma. They have a daughter, Theresa.