While serving his country, Tom repeatedly requested that his mother send him a fresh 16-inch clincher softball, because he missed the game so much. When he finally returned from the Korean War in 1953, he went on to play 42 years of softball. In the 50’s, he played for the Knights of Columbus, Comets, Sincere and the OT Club. It was during this time that he was given the nickname “Rabbit” for his speed on the field.
From 1960-69, he played for the Cadets and helped win many championships with many teams in the 1970’s to mid 80’s. When he decided to open a bar and grill, he called it Rabbits, and began to sponsor teams to help spread his love of the game. He sponsored 15 or more teams a year, and even sponsored an entire neighborhood league at Mayfair Park, before selling the restaurant in 2008.
In addition to his wife Pat, he has two sons, Marty and Thomas, and considers being able to share the outfield with his two sons as his proudest moment in softball.