Known by his colleagues as Bang or Big 50, Anthony brings laughter, joy, passion, and a strong sense of loyalty to Solutions that can’t be matched. One of the “founding fathers” of Solutions in 2004, Bang coaches 1st base, helping the team on their way to 30 championships: 5 ASA / VSA National Championships, 7 Southwest Windy City Championships, Super Sunday’s, Clyde Park, Memorial Classic, Oak Lawn and success in various tournaments.
Wearing a variety of hats, from 1st base coach, bench coach and mentor, Bang is always encouraging, while being truthful in player performance and attitude. He has also been instrumental in recruiting the right players that fit in with the team chemistry.
Tough on the outside, he is quite the teddy bear inside with a big heart for doing the right thing the right way. Picking up players, paying for a tournament out of his own pocket, the team can always depend on Bang. The unsung hero, he is usually the last to leave the ball park, making sure everyone is safe. Providing Solutions with experience and leadership has been an essential element of the team’s success, and he displays unmatched class and poise on and off the field.