The Scooters were formed in the spring of 1980
by Roy Solofra and Mike Slenk. The team started
with17 players who were neighborhood and college
friends. They were an athletic group talented enough
to compete at an above-average level. The last
piece of the puzzle was to nd a team name and
Scooters was chosen from Roy’s line name on his
college hockey team. The summer of 1980 was our
beginning in the Bridgeview Park District summer
league. We nished 4th out of 10 in the league. After
whetting our appetites, we decided we wanted to
play much more the following year. We considered
1980 a fun and learning experience year.
In 1981 the team was turned over to Tom Mulqueeny
and the journey began in earnest. 1981 through 1984
the Scooters played in numerous neighborhood
leagues. 1985and 1987 the Scooters won the Beverly
Park League. In 1986 the Scooters moved up to the
Kelly Park “A” League. In 1988 after winning the
Wentworth and Hale Park Leagues the Scooters
nished 2nd to the Jynx in the La Grange Park
qualier and earned a bid to the ASA “A” Nationals
in Indianapolis. 1990 found the Scooters as Hale
Park Champions again and back in the ASA “A”
Nationals. In 1990 the Scooters were also in the NSA
Major Nationals in Crystal Lake nishing in 3rd place.
In 1991 the Scooters won the Canaryville Classic
and the LaGrange Park “A” glove league. In 1992 the
Scooters won the Normandy Park league and were
one of the original 16 teams invited to play in the
Rich Melman Super 16-inch Softball League. The
Scooters were a team rst as many of the original
members played from the start until the nal season.
Thanking you for including the Scooters in the 16-
inch Softball Hall of Fame.