Santo “Doc” Scavuzzo

In 1936, Santo “Doc” Scavuzzo began his fifty plus year softball career playing second base with Duro-Lite Pencil at Green Briar Park. In 1940, Duro-Lite expanded their competition by winning championships at both Green Briar Park and Sauganash Park. 1947 saw Scavuzzo help the DeSoto Knights of Columbus. In 1948, Scavuzzo joined Rhode’s Tavern in the Welles Park League. That year they made a name for themselves when they played the legendary Brown Bombers in a two game money series, winning one of the games. Scavuzzo expanded his range of influence in 1949 when he organized the Hoellen Ball Club at Welles and Winnemac Parks and won championships at both parks. From 1950 until his move to Colorado, Scavuzzo’s team competed against and beat some of the legendary teams of the era at some legendary parks. he came in second to Kool Vent Awnings at Thillens Stadium as a member of Town Pumps with Ken Speirs and the great Notre Dame legend Larry Coutre, and won league championships and big money games at Clarendon and Welles Parks. “Doc” Scavuzzo carried his love of 16″ softball to Colorado, where he organized and ran a 16″ league for three years before organizing a 12″ club that won numerous Colorado and regional championships. In 1994, he was inducted into the ASA Hall of Honor in Colorado.