Bruno Pinkos

Bruno Pinkos began his athletic career at age ten playing 17″ softball inside the YMCA near Crane High School. At that time, back in 1926, they played the game with an “upshort” position, a position in front of the batter. He began his 16″ softball career playing with his close friends, the legendary Werderich brothers at Cameron School. While he was never a great hitter, Bruno was well known as an excellent defensive second baseman, known for his aggressiveness on the field and on the bases. In the late thirties, Pinkos joined with Wickland Motors and Harry Hannin to play in the Windy City League, and helped them to win the Windy City Championship in 1938. About that time he was also making a professional move that would benefit both he and softball. He became a reporter for the Neighborhood Newspapers, a chain that covered the Northwest side, and was eventually promoted to sports editor. Softball benefitted when Pinkos organized a league that grew from sixteen teams to one of the largest leagues in Chicago with 64 teams. The entry fee was fifteen cents per man, and the league games were played at Spencer Coals and Mills Stadium. Bruno later served as president of the Northwest Times League; his first office was inside Irv Mages’ first sporting goods store. The Northwest Times League ended with outbreak of World War II. After the war, Bruno played with State Representative Petrone’s at Thillens Stadium in 1945 and ’46. Pinkos ended his softball career when he began his career with Prudential Insurance, eventually ranking second out of 20,000 salesmen. Bruno lives in Mt. Prospect and has two children and four grandchildren. He still serves as a consultant to Prudential Insurance.