Robert “Sticks” Warnock

In the highly competitive and closely knit world of championship 16” softball, players destined for greatness are quickly noticed. This was the case with Bob Warnock when he began playing with the Crusaders. His talent was noticed, and he was soon playing with Ed Zolna’s Bobcats. It was a perfect match, and Warnock played with the Cats for thirteen years, as a major contributor to their string of championships and runner up finishes. With over a thousand home runs to his credit and a lifetime batting average over 650, Warnock was both admired and feared as a great power hitter who once hit three home runs in a single game at the ASA Nationals in St. Louis. His longest homerun was hit in Kal’s Park at Chicago and Kedzie. The ball came to rest at the base of the Roccola Building, having traveled a distance of nearly 350 feet. Since deceased.