Ben “The Thumper” Holt

Ben Holt is recognized by softball experts as one of the greatest power hitters of all time. A 347 foot homerun at Clarendon Park, and another, hit during the Hamms Homerun Hitting Contest at Comiskey Park, that eventually landed in the upper deck, are just two examples of his legendary hitting power. Holt originally played with the Big Banjo Bruins, and helped them achieve a 27 and 5 record during the regular season, hitting 513 (41 of 80) with seven homers and 46 RBI. A top defensive catcher, he received honors as a Windy City All-Star in 1976, and was a first team All-American with the 1977 World Champion Bobcats. Ben’s softball career spans three decades. In addition to the Bobcats and Bruins, his resume boasts such legendary teams as the Dwarfs, the Storm, Fire, Beetlebombs and American Rivet. When he wasn’t playing softball, Ben Holt was an Olympic power-lifter at Sayre Park. In 2001, Ben lived on Cicero, and had two children; Anita and Ben.