Rick Wostratzky

Rick began his 16-inch umpiring career in college at Southern Illinois University in the spring of 1967. He graduated in 1971 and has worked for over 15 of the suburban leagues from 1971 until today. Rick has also umpired many tournaments including: the Westchester Classic-5 times, the Life Newspaper Classic-10 times, and the Chicagoland Classic in Mount Prospect 5 times.

Rick is also an assignor for all DuPage County 16-inch leagues, a position that he has held for the past 47 years. Rick has worked 15 Major A.S.A. National tournaments, with a highlight being chosen to umpire home plate of the championship game held in Mount Prospect in 2014. Rick has averaged over 300 games per year for approximately 18,000 games during his career. He was selected as a delegate to the A.S.A. National Convention in Reno, Nevada in November of 2014. He is still working today, including working the 2019 A.S.A. National Championship in Mount Prospect, the 2020 A.S.A. Major National Championship in Midlothian, and the 2022 and 2023 A.S.A. Major National Championships held in Oak Lawn. Rick has been a credit to softball for the past fifty-two years.