Rick “Monday” Ligon

Rick Ligon began his softball career with the Jugglers in the early ’70’s. Before he was through, his softball name, Rick Monday, would be known throughout the southside and in every Chicago area park where serious softball was played. In the mid-70’s, the outfielder/first baseman hooked up with the Senators. There, under the tutelage of Floyd Glover, Monday grew into an All-Star. Besides playing with the Senators and good friend Hank Kemp, Monday played with a who’s who of south side powerhouses over his career, including the Bandits, Flamingo’s, Flash, Seige, Cal Gold,  Windy City Bombers and B.Athletes. In addition to being regarded as the MVP of every team he played on, Monday earned All-American honors with several of those teams, won numerous tournament MVP awards, and played on National tournament teams throughout the 70’s and 80’s. In 1985, according to Hank Kemp, Monday batted .750 and drove in 180 runs in just one league. Those who played with and against him called Rick Monday a great softball player, and now, a Hall of Famer.