Brian Panick

While attending St. Rita High School, southsider Brian Panick and some of his buddies joined the Aces, a neighborhood softball team. The Aces went on to become a southside powerhouse during the late 70’s and early 80’s, winning many Chicago Park District league titles. Panick moved on to play for a short time with the Viscounts from Chicago’s inner city, before being recruited to the major level by Hometown Touch. He was soon playing an integral role in making Touch one of the top teams of the 80’s, and the ASA National Champs in 1985. After his success with Touch, Panick and a group of teammates became the core of the Lettuce team. Their contributions helped Lettuce win ASA Championships in 1991 and ‘92. After Lettuce, Brian joined the Bud 45’s and helped that team finish in the top four at the 1994 Nationals. Known as one of the top defensive players of his era, Panick played shortstop and short center, and was widely known to be a class act on and off the softball field. In 2001, Brian resided on the southwest side of Chicago with his wife, Mary, and children Eric and Elyse.