Mike “Rock” Consiglio

Mike began his30-yearpitching career after following his brother Frank to pitch practice by playing with his neighborhood team the Lu-Ginksin the youth leaguesat Sayre, Riis, and Amundsen Parks. After high school, they began playing in the men’s leagues at Sayre, Shabonna, Merrimac, and Portage Parks. The pinnacle of the team’s successoccurred in the summers of 1978-79,when the team won five Hansen Park tournaments along with the championships at Sayre. Soon he joined the ThirdGeneration in the mid 80s which quickly became the start of the Miller 45’s led by neighbor Bob Rascia. He left for the successful Miller Taggers in 1992. There he experienced the Holan family and a team with an unmatched environment. He rejoined the 45s with future Hall of Famers from the Taggers Mike Stout, Kurt Keisel, and Pat Harritytobecomea major force in softballin theMt ProspectLeagues. The ultimate goal was achieved in the summer of 2001, when the 45’s won their firstASA NationalChampionshipin Schaumburg. Undoubtedly the 45’s became one the greatest teams in history with a multitude of league and tournament titles including Forest Park and ASA Nationals. His ability, class, and passion on and off the field is the reason he is Holan winner.