Mike McGovern

In its sixteen year history, the team known collectively as the Dwarfs / Amalgamonsters / Monsters, accumulated a record 1,322 wins against 333 losses, for a 799 winning percentage. As a player coach, Mike McGovern was an integral part of that impressive record. A graduate of Lane Tech High School and the University of Illinois (where he played 16” softball, football and ran track), McGovern began his career with the Dwarfs in 1957. As a catcher, he hit over 100 home runs, hit over 600 for two years, and was selected a First Team All-American in 1978, ‘79 and ‘80. At that time the Dwarfs/Amalgamonsters took second place three times and came in third once at the National Tournament. From 1990 to 1998, Mike McGovern had accumulated an equally impressive record as coach of the women’s fast pitch team at the University of Illinois, Chicago. His record includes one College World Series appearance, three NCAA Regional appearances, and a record 417 wins that ranked his team as 21st in USA Today. During the last five years, his 12” fast pitch team is the team with the fifth most wins in the United States. They have won five conference championships in a row. Mike McGovern and his wife, Pat have two sons who are continuing the softball tradition. In 2000 they were both playing for the Dwarfs.