John Malloy

From umpiring games between the guards and inmates at 26th and California, to using hand signals to call a game in the Hearing Impaired League, John Malloy�s forty plus year umpiring career has seen some of the greatest matches in modern softball history. Malloy especially remembers umpiring for $6.00 at the great money games between Madonna and St. Albert, when St. Albert was loaded with Bobcat players. He also remembers the time when the inmates at the County Jail stole the shoes of the guards who were on the field against a Chicago Police team. One of guards actually wanted him to intervene with the 500 inmates in getting the shoes back. A 39 nyear member, John Malloy has also served for fifteen years on the Rules Committee of the Umpires Protective Association. He was instrumental in changing the rule that allowed a runner a free return to first base from second. A 1940 graduate of Tilden Tech, John Malloy worked for Rockwell International and Sears Roebuck. He and his wife Delores have three children, six stepchildren and numerous grandchildren.