Mike “Kam” Kamenjarin

Mike Kamenjarin started playing sixteen-inch softball when he was fifteen with the Tonti Playground CYO team. They won the city championship that year in their age bracket. Mike and his neighborhood friends formed the Group to play at Archer Park and at Wentworth Park. They won the Wentworth championship and won the Archer Park title three years in a row. Those victories gave them to right to play at Kelly Park.


When Mike returned from college, he played semi-pro football. Through his football friends, he started playing Major softball all over the Chicago area with the Registers and Wally Pecs (HOF) and the Stompers with Sal Oliver (HOF). He played with Jynx for the remainder of his career but also played with his neighborhood friends in local leagues. He was the player / manager for Jynx from 1996 to 2005. He briefly coached Entourage and Maxim but later rejoined Jynx. When they disbanded in 2014, he joined up with Flashback and helped them win the 2015 Major Nationals.


Mike played right field, pitcher, and catcher. He was an ASA and USSSA All-American and was the March of Dimes Homerun champion. He was the MVP of the Arizona Spring Classic. He played softball for forty-six years with a handicap –one functioning eye. He lost his left eye when he was a sophomore at St. Rita High School. Someone accidently threw a rock that knocked out his eye while he was playing softball.

Besides softball, Mike also played semi-pro football. He played for the Chicago Hellcats in 1974 and helped them win the CCFL championship. He helped the Chicago Raiders win the CCFL title in 1976. The Chicago Chargers were the 1981 IFL champions. They won the American Football Association title in 1986.


Mike and his wife, Michelle, have two children – Katherine and Tara. They live in Naperville, Illinois.