Michael Lee

Michael Lee began his 16” softball career in 1970 playing with the Robert Taylor Van Dykes at Washington Park and Blue Island. In 1973, he left the Van Dykes to join the Magicians where he played with his brothers, Wesley Lee and Hall of Famer “Stretch” Lee at Washington Park. In 1980 he jumped to the famed Safari Tigers and began a twelve-year career that would solidify his reputation as one of the great players of his era. A short center with power to all fields , Michael Lee once hit four homeruns against the Stray Cats. He was known as a homerun hitter who also could place a clutch line drive over the head of the shortcenter. In 1983 the Tigers beat the Stray Cats for the State Championship. In 1985 the Tigers won nine straight games to take second place in the ASA Nationals to the Whips. They finished second to Touch in the 1985 ASA Nationals. Michael Lee was selected to the 1st Team All Tournament Team honors for his efforts. He attributes the success of the Safaris, one of the best African-American teams of the 1980s, to practicing daily, playing outstanding talent, and competing against the best teams of that time. Michael Lee finished his playing career with the BATHLETES (Black American Softball Association) in 1996. He thanks his wife, Lynetta Lee, and his children Emanuel and Laqueta for his many successes.