Lou Lusignan

During Lou Lusignan’s thirty year softball career, he played on teams that amassed twenty plus league championships, six metro titles, three state titles, and a national championship with Dr. Carlucci’s Bobcats in 1969. He began his playing days in 1957 with Ryan’s Jungle, playing at Clarendon and Wells Parks. From 1959 to his retirement in the late 1980s, Lou Lusignan played with S& N Jewelers, Active Screw, Lyon’s 45s, the Bobcats, Jesters, and the J-Birds in city and suburban leagues where he earned several league most valuable player honors. He even had a brief stint in the Daddy O Daley League as a power hitter. At nearly 6”- 4” tall, Lusignan, gave many infielders pause to think about their best defense. A line drive hitter who carried a career batting average over .600 Lou Lusignan (affectionately known as “Big Lou”), was also known for hitting clutch homeruns in some big games. He most fondly remembers beating the Sobies (and former Ryan’s Jungle teammate, Tony Reibel) for the World Title in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. His 6”-4” frame also made him one of the top first basemen of his era. Lou and his wife, Mary, have three children, Terri, Louie, and Joe and four grandchildren. He is an electrician living in Park Ridge.