Jim Moore

Playing his peak years of softball from 1961 to 1987, Jim Moore ranks as one of the top players to emerge on some of the top teams of that era. He began his career in 1964 playing with the Knight Of Columbus and other local Southside teams. He made his jump to big time softball in 1965 playing with the Bobcats, Moore Business Forms, and Alsterda Construction, helping the Bocats to a Chicago Park District championship. 1968 found Jim Moore joining Sobies-American Rivet, a team he stayed with until 1984. With the Sobies, Jim Moore began to rack up championships and All-American honors. They captured titles and league championships in Berwyn and Cicero, at Clarendon, Kelly, and Forest Parks, and in the Andy Frain Tournament. Jim Moore was selected to the ASA All-American Team in St. Louis and in 1975 and 1976 at Hart Stadium. A jouneyman softball player who played very position, including pitcher, Moore was best known as one of the top outfielders of his time. He batted 2nd or 5th and became an accomplished gap hitter with a unique training aid – he placed a 55-gallon drum in left center and practiced hitting that from home plate. A printer for 42 years, Jim Moore has with Lake Book Manufacturing for ten years, and has been president of the printer’s bowling league for 35 years He and his wife, Diane have two children, Ron and Debra and three grandchildren. Besides being one of the top players of his time, Jim Moore also excelled by referring basketball at the high school and junior college levels. He enjoys bowling (carries a 200 plus average for the last twenty years) and is an avid deer and pheasant hunter. After graduating from Tilden Tech where he played basketball and baseball.