Larry Coutre

Larry began his softball career as a young teenager playing with Durso’s at Green Briar Park on Chicago’s Northwest side, winning several championships including the prestigious Knights of Columbus City Championship. He then played for Hall of Fame member Doc Scavuzzo with Alderman Hoellen’s at Welles Park, Clarendon Park, and Thillens Stadium. His skills at center field and clutch hitting skills helped make them the team to beat of that era. Larry Coutre was a left – handed hitter who always hit in the top of the batting order because of the dual threat he brought to the plate. He could hit to all fields, or he could punch a ball down the third base line, utilizing his speed to get on base. When the bases were only 45 feet apart, opposing fielders rarely were able to throw him out and when the bases were lengthened, he still beat out most infield hits. Besides his speed, Larry could also hit the long ball. In fact, many veterans of the era remember him as being one of the top homerun hitters of his time. After graduating from St. George High School in 1946 where he played football, Larry played for Notre Dame from 1946 โ€“ 1950. He played with the College All-Stars against the Philadelphia Eagles at Soldier Field in 1950. After graduation, he played with the Green Bay Packers in 1950 until he joined the army. After his discharge in January of 1953, he rejoined the Packers and then played one year with the Baltimore Colts. Larry Coutre’s softball career came to an end when he became an F.B.I. agent stationed in Knoxville, Tennessee. He and his wife, Marcia, have six children โ€“ Christine, Scott, Jeff, Linda, Matthew, and Janine โ€“ and two grandchildren. They live in Boca Raton, Florida.