Frank “Blu Blu” Dalesandro

From 1933 to 1956, Frank Dalesandro was one of the best players in the top leagues in Chicago. A legend in his Taylor Street neighborhood, Daleasandro began his softball career with the White Eagles when he was only twelve years old. He then went on to win world titles with such legendary teams as Fewer Boilers, Triplex Yankees, and the Witt Hanley Yankees in the famous Windy City League. As defending Herald-American champions, Dalesandro and other legends Whitey Maytag, Sam Incandella, and Jimmy Hofmann and the Witt Hanley Yankees dueled Fewer Boilers with Ed Drabik and Steve Donchez in some classic softball games during the 40s. Dalesandro also played in big money games against the Brown Bombers and “Sweetwater” Clifton at Sheridan Park. Playing all the outfield positions in addition to third base and catcher, at 5’9″ and160 pounds, Dalesandro was an unlikely but feared power hitter, who favored line drives to right center field, a skill he learned playing “line ball” in the school yards of Chicago. His hustle in the field and on the base paths earned him the reputation of being the second best player on the Yankees to Red Hurter, known then as the Babe Ruth of softball. With this reputation in tact, Dalesandro was offered a better contract by Fewer Boilers. In his later years he returned to his roots playing with the Morgan Fads, helping them to a second place finish in the Sheridan Park Tournament. Frank Dalesandro passed away on November 14, 1995.